Lisa Bower, ForeWord Clarion Review

★★★★★ Five Stars (out of Five).
Board Basics offers realistic advice to existing or new non-profit board members. Everything from the creation of an agenda and budget to orientations, self-evaluations, and a rich discussion of boundaries and governance is covered in this volume. This primer is an important resource for newly announced board members or experienced members who want a refresher about their responsibilities.

Covey writes in a clear and effective manner. The fast-paced chapters include relevant tips and advice while avoiding jargon-laced language. This means that people of all ages and backgrounds will be able to learn about the non-profit world and what to expect. This book is easy to read because each chapter is broken down with headers and bullets. Though a slim volume, this primer feels complete because so much ground is covered in less than a hundred pages.

Board Basics breaks down the role of a governing board into sections. This is more than listing the different duties linked to such a responsibility. Instead, Covey explains the reasoning behind different tasks like an audit or board member orientation. These explanations continuously remind the reader of the relationship between the board and the non-profit it governs.

Reading this guide will take little to no time but will certainly benefit both experienced and novice board members looking to stabilize non-profits and help such groups grow to realize their full potential.”