Board Basics BookIn Board Basics: A Primer for Nonprofit Board Members author Jerry Covey brings a fresh, new voice to the world of governance how-to with this sleek, no-nonsense primer on board fundamentals. Board Basics is written in a concise format that provides a strong foundation for beginning and experienced nonprofit board members. Written in short, direct chapters the volume provides readers with essential information and arms them with the kinds of questions and insights that generate deeper understanding of their organization and their role in governing it.

If new to the board experience, this book will get you up-to-speed quickly and help you orient to the tasks, limits, and risks of your new role, while giving you the tools and processes that are indispensable for sound decision making. Even seasoned board members will benefit from this primer, as it will revisit core governance principles and invite reflection on a board’s growth and development.

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A central theme of Board Basics is that knowledge and appropriate action are the foundation of effective leadership. Each chapter builds on this theme by providing nuts-and-bolts advice that empowers board members to appreciate and maximize their governance role, while increasing knowledge and defining the actions required to grow in their new positions. Some of the gems that wait within include: board communication basics, budgeting, risk management essentials, internal board politics, and shared leadership. In a crowded and competitive how-to business marketplace, it is a rare find to discover a book with such precision, power, and unflinching honesty. Board Basics: A Primer for Non-Profit Board Members is a must read that will be sure to please anyone considering joining a nonprofit board, but also anyone looking to grow, improve, and shore-up an existing board.

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