Naomi Sweetman

"This book is a necessary tool for all new board members. It clearly outlines the roles and responsibilities of the new board member in clear and concise language. It is a quick read and as a result, it is much more likely that the busy board member will be able to find the time to read this book. In today’s fast-paced society, individuals are often called upon to serve on multiple boards, but are … Read More »

Tom Lefebvre

"Excellent book of basics helpful for both current and incoming board members along with the senior leaders that regularly engage with their Boards. Hits a variety of key topics in simple understandable formats that are a must for any non-profit governance. I am currently recommending this to CEO's & Executive Directors within the non-profit health industry as a helpful tool in clarifying roles & … Read More »

Bob Crumley

"In education, where we work with individuals who are each different, each with unique values, emotions, learning styles, and leadership styles, we are working in a very complex context. Colin Powell once said, "Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through argument, debate, and doubt to offer a solution..." Jerry Covey's book, Board Basics, does just that, simplifies and … Read More »

Mike Dunleavy

"Jerry Covey lines out perfectly what is needed by new board members of non-profit organizations. In language easy for all to understand, the author hits upon the major areas needed to be a successful board member. The information contained within the book will give all new board members an excellent head start as they endeavor to help their respective organizations. As a former superintendent of … Read More »

Lisa Bower, ForeWord Clarion Review

"★★★★★ Five Stars (out of Five). Board Basics offers realistic advice to existing or new non-profit board members. Everything from the creation of an agenda and budget to orientations, self-evaluations, and a rich discussion of boundaries and governance is covered in this volume. This primer is an important resource for newly announced board members or experienced … Read More »