Naomi Sweetman

“This book is a necessary tool for all new board members. It clearly outlines the roles and responsibilities of the new board member in clear and concise language. It is a quick read and as a result, it is much more likely that the busy board member will be able to find the time to read this book. In today’s fast-paced society, individuals are often called upon to serve on multiple boards, but are afforded little or no training on their roles and responsibilities as a board member. This book offers the board and CEO the opportunity to provide training for their new board members and enhance the effectiveness of their boards. The end of each chapter offers a few salient questions that are thought provoking and offer an opportunity for boards as a whole to discuss and enhance their operations. Having served in the capacity of Executive Director as well as on other non-profit boards, I truly wish that I had this tool earlier. Thank you so much Jerry for sharing your years of experience and wisdom!”