Tom Lefebvre

"Excellent book of basics helpful for both current and incoming board members along with the senior leaders that regularly engage with their Boards. Hits a variety of key topics in simple understandable formats that are a must for any non-profit governance. I am currently recommending this to CEO's & Executive Directors within the non-profit health industry as a helpful tool in clarifying roles & … Read More »

Bob Crumley

"In education, where we work with individuals who are each different, each with unique values, emotions, learning styles, and leadership styles, we are working in a very complex context. Colin Powell once said, "Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through argument, debate, and doubt to offer a solution..." Jerry Covey's book, Board Basics, does just that, simplifies and … Read More »

Mike Dunleavy

"Jerry Covey lines out perfectly what is needed by new board members of non-profit organizations. In language easy for all to understand, the author hits upon the major areas needed to be a successful board member. The information contained within the book will give all new board members an excellent head start as they endeavor to help their respective organizations. As a former superintendent of … Read More »

Lisa Bower, ForeWord Clarion Review

"★★★★★ Five Stars (out of Five). Board Basics offers realistic advice to existing or new non-profit board members. Everything from the creation of an agenda and budget to orientations, self-evaluations, and a rich discussion of boundaries and governance is covered in this volume. This primer is an important resource for newly announced board members or experienced … Read More »


Getting an earful of what you don't want to hear is never fun. Thinking back to your childhood, if you were ever in trouble with your mother you understand a thing or two about how her context and perspective influenced her interpretation of events. It's probable that you also learned how to listen attentively and bite your tongue until it was your turn to talk. Those "mother" lessons serve … Read More »

Fiduciary Responsibility

Occasionally, I hear nonprofit board members mention their "fiduciary responsibility" usually in reference to caring for their organization’s finances. While financial oversight is certainly an important part of a board's fiduciary duties, the term fiduciary takes into account a whole lot more than budgetary functions. In essence, fiduciary responsibility is a special trust relationship between … Read More »